Experienced People…
Commitment and Follow Through

When it comes to industrial electrical work, the Big Sky management team has over 120 years of experience. Whether it is water, waste water, steel, cement, petroleum, power generation, or other industrial work, Big Sky has the expertise to get your work completed in the most cost effective and workmanlike manner. Big Sky is your schedule driven, problem solving, and trusted electrical contractor.

Our mission is to simply be the best industrial electrical contractor. The Big Sky Electric management team is totally focused on project delivery, execution of the work, working safely, schedule, and budget. We have the knowledge and experience to be an asset to every project we work on. Through our pro-active approach, we find and fix any problems before installation.



Core Values

Integrity: It is our clear duty to be trusted; we should conduct ourselves honorably as if no rules are needed in all of our business dealings.
Education and Mentoring: It is the foundation of our growth and the security of our existence; our team is well trained to meet our clients’ needs and we will continue to grow our future leaders with appropriate mentoring.
Perseverance: Patience, resolve, commitment, and determination are qualities that we possess. A steady and predictable company that will finish what we start no matter the obstacle is what we deliver.
Visionary: The only limitation to preparation is failure of imagination. Our clients depend on our experience; we must see things that others do not.